Ancelotti confirms retirement plans once Real Madrid gig is over


After winning each and every one of the top five European leagues, Carlo Ancelotti has finally spoken out loud about when he is ready to call it quits in his coaching career. The answer is quite simple for the Italian boss: he will end his tenure as coach once Los Blancos decide to sack him.

Speaking in an interview with Prime Video, the seasoned manager admitted that Real Madrid may be the last club he will ever be in charge of, even if that means he has to wait ten more years to retire from his profession.

"After this time at Real Madrid, yes, I will be retiring probably. If the club wants me here for ten years, then I will coach them for ten more years. But after that, I'd like to be around my grandchildren, take a trip with my wife. There are many things you leave aside when you choose this line of work. I have never been to Australia or to Rio de Janeiro. I'd like to visit my sister more often. Unfortunately I can't do that right now, so when I retire I will have a lot of these things on my plate," Ancelotti said.

The coach went even further and stated that the only thing that would see him reconsidering his decision would be if a national team offered him a chance to coach in a World Cup.

"It would be interesting. I already have an offer on my table, but it's too early to talk about that. Maybe for the 2026 World Cup, why not? It could happen," Ancelotti added.

When asked about the chance to coach Canada, who have reportedly approached Ancelotti to hire him, the coach did not hesitate to reply in the affirmative.

"I would love that, of course. Canada have done very well lately," Ancelotti concluded.

The Italian boss' deal with Los Blancos comes to an end next summer, but only time will tell if he can extend his stay with the Spanish giants. Maybe if he can win the UEFA Champions League this season with the club, his credit will be extended far beyond the next season...

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