Santosh Trophy Kerala vs Bengal Final Today; Kerala to clinch gold crown


The Santosh Trophy final between hosts Kerala and West Bengal will be played at the Manjeri Payyanad Stadium from 8 pm tonight. Face to face the strengths and beauties of Indian football. Kerala does not want to give anything less than a gold crown to the heart-pounding fans. Bengal to sew a feather in history on the other side. It will be a classic feast in national football.

In the possibility, Kerala has the upper hand. Arriving first in Group A. Undefeated advance. Excellence in defeating Bengal by two goals. He defeated Karnataka by seven goals in the semi-final. Unity. Strong forward line. Strength to break any defense. Solidarity between the progressives and the middle class. Incredible speed, including the ball. A strategic coach who is strong enough to make crucial decisions. After all, a crowd that fills the legs with energy.

There is no better opportunity than this to raise a cup on one's own soil. But it is the flaws in the defense that are cracking the sky of expectations. Danger of rapid retrieval of goals. Jijo Joseph and his team can lift the trophy if coach Bino George's promise to overcome the setbacks of past games is fulfilled. Out of the six finals held in Kerala, only two were won. Kerala must work hard to ensure that Payyanad corrects it. Injuries to TK Jasin, Arjun Jayaraj and Goli Mithun are haunting Kerala.

The strength that history gives to Bengal is not small. The style is to devise strategies according to the opponents. So new methods in each game. Strong young team to face any team. Experienced players playing in league tournaments. Strong defense as a forward line. Coach Ranjan Bhattacharya warns that they will not see Bengal losing to Kerala in the group. Football history testifies that it does not matter. The magic of 90 minutes. Footabll Beauty. Goal hunting. Whoever wins or falls is history. Arrive at the stadium early.

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