Dani Alves bids farewell to Barcelona after just six months


The chances of keeping Dani Alves around for Barcelona were slim, but before the team chose to sack the footballer, the Brazilian ace decided to call it quits all by himself.

Earlier today, reports emerged about a chat between Alves and coach Xavi Hernández, who told the player that it would be hard for him to get playing time in the upcoming months, giving him the choice to leave the club or to stay and fight for a starting spot. Alves' reply came shortly, thanking the coach for his candor and carrying on with a heart-breaking post on social media.

The 39-year-old will now become a free agent, with his sights set on playing the 2022 FIFA World Cup this winter. Alves' main goal will now be to get hired by a club that can give him enough minutes to get in shape for the World Cup, something that might be easier said than done at this point of his career.

Have a look at Alves' farewell post here. We will provide the necessary translation for those who don't speak Spanish.

The time as come for our goodbye. I spent over eight years dedicated to this club, these colours, and this house, but as with everything in life, years go by and paths deviate, which forces stories to be written in separate places at some point - and so it was. They tried to fire me but they couldn't do it, because you simply can't picture just how resilient I can be.

Many years went by until football and life were grateful to those who were always respectful, and they gave me the chance to come back and say goodbye. But this is not a farewell without thanking everyone behind the curtains, all those who work to make things perfect for us players. To all of them, THANKS.

I'd like to thank all the staff for the opportunity they gave me to come back to this club and for the chance to wear this wonderful jersey one more time, you will never know how happy I was. I only hope they don't miss my craziness and my daily happiness. I also hope that those who remain at this club can turn things around, I wish it from the bottom of my heart.

We won 23 titles, two triplets, a sextet, and a big book written in gold! I will end this stage of my career to open an even more challenging one. And please don't let the world forget that EVEN IF A LION IS 39 YEARS OLD, HE WILL STILL BE A GOOD CRAZY LION!

Visca Barca forever!"

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